The night sky was a glassy expanse of dark blue, the waves were yet to break at the ends of cotton; lilies and orchids twinkled up in them, opening their petals one by one and shinning brightly. Some were falling to the world below and were called shooting dandelions, if you made a wish upon … Continue reading Surreal


Off the top of my head

And I escape reality For there is sorrow in me And I escape reality For there is no where else to be.

Not My Cheat Day!

I know the moment you see something that says “diet” you just scroll past it, this will hardly take a minute. Diet doesn’t have to mean changing your entire food habits, just some. Below are 10 diet hacks which I have found working for me, maybe it will for you too.

Under A Different Star

Do you remember that moonlit night? The night we saw together, When the winter cold blanketed and brought us closer, The cosmic magic that was singing in your eyes as you looked into mine, Of how you squeezed my hands as I kissed your lips. I went home that day as a new me, Reborn … Continue reading Under A Different Star

Will of Fire/A Desire in Dire

Red fluid oozed from my feet, onto the pavement below, staining it crimson. This is not the path that I thought, Thorns as sharp as blade -pricked, pierced, pained- spilling flesh over stone. This is not the place I sought, Misery in the form of unhappiness, agony in the form of suffering. This is not … Continue reading Will of Fire/A Desire in Dire

Writing About Writing

The call was placed at two in the night. He answered it with the same annoyed tone he used to answer his calls “This better be good" “Nishant, listen, I have been going through your past works and I really wanted to ask you something” she said “What is it?” He could spare few minutes … Continue reading Writing About Writing

Words Whispered in Doubt

If death was what I was trying to achieve I have surely found the wrong way for it, for I wasn’t dying, I was being rescued, but the process was still killing me. Pain bubbled at the bottom of my stomach and reached all the way to my vocal chords, making me want to shout, … Continue reading Words Whispered in Doubt